Smart Life App

The “Smart Life” app is a management center for all of your Smart Life devices. To make it easier for you to get started with our Smart Life System, we explain the individual steps for using the “Smart Life” app.

The free Smart Life app is available for both Android and iOS systems ( Play Store or App Store ). It was developed and continues to operate by Tuya, one of the largest smart home B2B platform providers in the world. The company “Tuya Smart” was founded in 2014 by the young visionary Jerry Wang. With its strategy of the open system, the company managed to win over 10,000 manufacturers as partners worldwide and is becoming more and more important in the smart home sector.

In addition to the Smart Life app, Tuya also operates a “Tuya” app. The range of functions and the compatibility of both apps are largely identical. The devices that can be controlled with the “Tuya” app are also compatible with the Smart Life app. In Europe, the Smart Life app is more familiar to users than the “Tuya” app.

The Smart Life App uses high-quality encryption technology (GDPR-certified) with data centers in Germany to guarantee customer data security.

How To Set Up Smart Life App?

1. Registration

After you have downloaded the app and installed it on your smartphone, you must first register as follows:

2. Add and control device

After successful registration you are now in the main menu and can add and control devices with your account.

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