How Installing Smart Home System Can Increase Your House Value?

How Installing Smart Home System Can Increase Your House Value?

1. Smart home system as your selling point   

In Malaysia, smart home industry is growing rapidly and a lot consumers are looking towards this direction. Some developers do pre-installed smart home systems in their new project to attract customers and provide value to their project as selling point.

As from a perspective of a home buyer, they will feel that a home with smart home installed will definitely bring more satisfaction towards the buying process. As buyers will also be having a "value for money" feeling when they make purchase of the property

2. Convenient & Instant Lifestyle   

Convenience is one of the main key point everyone is looking for in 21st century. Everything has to be fast and instant nowadays and most important is everything must be connected to our smart phone. With just a simple voice command you can operate all home appliances. You can even set automations such as opening your curtain at 7:30AM in the morning during weekdays and 10:00AM during the weekends. 

3. Safety and security   

Home owners in Malaysia are looking more towards home security now as theft rates are getting higher each day. With smart home systems, you can now monitor your house with smart CCTV, smart motion detector or even smart door sensor. With these smart home security systems, you can be notified through your phone and know if someone unexpected is in your house. Smart home users will definitely feel more secure after having these smart security systems.